About me


I am a self-taught cinematographer who has filmed a wide range of projects, including internationally released feature films, cinema commercials, award winning short films,  web-based commercials, corporate talking heads and promo videos, and many more. My work has been recognized by a number of noted films festivals including, London Short Film Festival, Frightfest, London Lift-off Film Festival as well as in British Cinematographer Magazine.  

I have worked on commercials for brands such as Odeon, Barclays, Primark, Phillip Kingsley and many more. When I'm working on these projects I always focus on how to create work that stands out to costumers visually and helps to engagingly get across the message to the audience.  

In my narrative work I am always focused on the story and how I can best collaborate with the director and the other heads of department to get that on screen in the best way possible. My approach to cinematography is from the script up focusing on how we can better build the world of the story and get the audience into the characters world.  


On-top of my work in film I am also passionate about photography, I love to explore with my camera and find story's that we don’t often see and document them with my FM2 or Mamiya 645. 

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07827 532245

Matthew P. Scott